Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back from the farm :)

It was a blessed day.  The skies were pure blue, the sun was bright, humidity low, with a small breeze.  My friend made us very welcomed with a pitcher of ice tea with mint from the garden, chairs and table under the shade was all completely perfect.  Keep a lookout among the sketches for the amazing teapot tree ;)

There were dragonflies, butterflies, a nest of chatty wrens and sunflowers were full of goldfinches filling their bellies with seeds ripe for the picking.

It was a beautiful day that will always be remembered fondly :)  Thank you Linsay!

Go to my Flickr page for more photos :)  blogger is glitchy :(


  1. Want to see more of your SKETCHES, Laura! Looks like a lovely day...

  2. I spent my day helping others, didn't get to sketch at all =\ I'm going back on my own in a few days....will sketch then...I promise to post them :)

  3. glad you had a nice day. love the photos. especially the ones of the sunflowers. my fave.


  4. Thank you Paz,
    The sunflowers were spectacular...I hope to return and sketch some for myself soon :)